Your donation changes everything.

Without you, too many people drink dirty water that makes them sick. Children don't see their 5th birthdays because of rampant diarrheal disease, something that is completely preventable. 
By giving to Water for Panama, you are joining a group of people committed to ending water poverty. Not only does your donation provide for basic needs, but it provides entire communities with hope. Hope that they, and their families, can lead healthy and prosperous lives. 
Water for Panama operates on a 100% model, where every penny of your donation goes directly to clean water projects. All our operating costs are covered by special donors that support our organization in a different, but still meaningful way.
There are many ways to give. Use the PayPal button to the right to give towards clean water projects. You can also purchase an item in the Store, and 100% of the funds your purchase will go to clean water projects. If you would like to support our operations, please give using this link. We will send you a receipt for your donation as it is tax-deductible.
Everyone’s financial capabilities are different and that is why we have many options to provide you with the unique ability to choose which avenue of giving is best.